This is me at 6:30am this morning (sans snazzy suit & perfectly manicured nails):

squinting woman

Peed on a pregnancy test. It was negative. Well, it hasn’t been 2 minutes. S-l-o-w-l-y wash my hands and look again. Negative. Put on my glasses. Still negative. Turn on the fluorescent lights and squint mightily. Asshole test is still negative. Not even the barest hint of a line. Damn it all to hell.

It’s Day 26, and I’m gonna keep doing the progesterone supps (and obsessively testing, of course) til Day 28, but I’m feeling pretty dismal about this cycle.

But on the upside, check out our beer fridge, just bursting with hoppy goodness and waiting to welcome me back with open arms… er, bottles: