For some reason, I find myself giggling aloud at this commercial every single time it comes on. Maybe because I’m a dog owner? Or maybe it’s just the furry little numbers crapping on the carpet? Dunno…  But if I ever get another dog, I’m so naming it 509.

This Sunday will be my & Bobby’s six year anniversary. In six years, we have:

  • moved four times
  • owned eight cars
  • accumulated $26k in credit card debt
  • had six jobs (three for Bobby, three for me)
  • had two miscarriages
  • supported family through two bouts of breast cancer
  • experienced one death of a grandparent
  • experienced one death of a parent
  • undergone one year of marital/grief counseling
  • had one sister/sister-in-law living with us indefinitely
  • paid off aforementioned debt
  • bought our dream house
  • screamed, fought, threatened to leave, been cruel, cried together, cried alone
  • and eventually learned to talk to each other.

Bobby sometimes tells me that there’s no one he would rather suffer with. Well, he doesn’t say it quite that cynically because he doesn’t do cynical… but that’s the basic gist. And I agree. He’s optimistic, I’m pessimistic. He’s free-spirited, I’m fixated. He’s creative, I’d rather balance the checkbook. All in all, we’re doing pretty much ok.

But I think he’d agree with me when I say this — I sincerely hope the next 6 years is less eventful than the first. Here’s to a boring next six, Bobby dear… love you much!

May 17, 2003 with the Clemson tiger

May 17, 2003 with the Clemson tiger