Just got off the phone with Dr HH, my obgyn whom I love dearly. I called his office, he called me back within 5 minutes. I fired off a list of questions & internet facts, he systematically addressed each one. I asked him to write me a prescription for progesterone, he agreed without argument (which is good because I was prepared to fight to the death). Love him.

I told Bobby that this next pregnancy (attempt) is going to be a scientific experiment… a thought which thoroughly offended his happy, little, glass-half-full, all-we-need-is-love self. I’m liking it though — it’s nice and organized and a bit detached.

Test 1, conducted Jun-08:
Control – Bobby & me
Independent variable – No medication, no precautions (ie. reducing caffeine, avoiding alcohol)
Result – Miscarriage at 6wks, 4days

Test 2, conducted Jul-08:
Control – Bobby & me
Independent variable – Recent pregnancy
Result – Miscarriage at 8w3d

Test 3, to be conducted May-09:
Control – Bobby & me
Independent variable – Progesterone suppositories starting on day 14, daily vitamin regimen (prenatal, folic acid, B6, B12, low-dose aspirin)