VACATION!!!  Woohoo!!! We’re blowing this joint for one whole week. Yippee!!

I know, I know, we just went to Asheville for two nights…. but it just didn’t do it. I had freakin’ wretched dreams, Bobby had to work, and, well, it just didn’t *feel* like vacation. Ya know?

So in 2 weeks and 4 days, we’re heading to the beach. Bobby’s family used to have a little shack that was right. on. the. beach. So much on the beach, in fact, that it washed away a few months ago. We miss that little “shabby shack” — it really was the perfect beach vacation. And I think, when we were looking for a new vacation spot, we were sorta looking for a replacement… still on the beach, but not in danger of waking up in the middle of the Atlantic.  So we’re going to Harbor Island (I keep wanting to call it Harper’s Island… god, I hope not. Getting hacked up would most DEFINITELY not feel like vacation).

Check it out. Here’s the view from the porch:


Walk down the boardwalk, across the dunes, and there it is….. THE BEACH!!  A huge, quiet, uncrowded beach. Aaaaaahhhh. Seven days. Absolutely, positively cannot wait. Just me, Bobby, the beach, and a few smutty romance novels. Fabulous.