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This is me:

derailed train

Took me a while to find a visual aid where no one died, because that would just be disrespectful.

I’ve been drinking the haterade for the last couple of weeks. There was the pregnancy announcement which, although I couldn’t share initially, I kinda started working through. And THEN it went public, and I got angry all over again. And THEN the creeping crud came calling, and I’ve been physically feeling like shi-ca-ca. And THEN all my inside spring flowers died, and my house got covered in dog hair, and I sat in a piled of used tissues, and felt sorry for my pathetic self for a few days.

Oh yeah, and my neighbors are getting evicted and this makes me hatefully happy. I hope they take their kitchen appliance and two shopping carts that are currently residing in their backyard with them.

So here’s what gonna happen now. I’m going to step away from the laptop and Facebook and deadbaby blogs and message boards and all other technological vices, and I’m going to my backyard to plant my garden. Gonna get this train back on the damn tracks. Yep. Next time ya’ll see me, I’m going to be merrily (& maybe medicatedly) chugging along…

Check it out: