Just got home from our “talking about joining” meeting with the preacher-man, to whom I will refer from now on as Dr. McK. Again, I so like him. Really, REALLY like him. He’s smart and open and well-spoken and thoughtful and patient with my lists of questions. He really listens, instead of just waiting until I finish talking so he can give me the canned, “right” answers.

He explained much — for example, this church is affiliated with the Coop.erative Bap.tist Fellowship rather than the South.ern Bap.tist Convention. As a non-Bap.tist, I had no idea exactly what that meant, so I had to come home and do some reading… after doing a comparison, I’ve realized that this is a very good thing for me.  I don’t think I’d be a very good South.ern Bap.tist. He said that there’s no membership “rulebook,” which appeals to me mightily. I grew up with a rulebook implanted in my head, and would prefer not to raise my children the same way. The phrase he used that stuck with me was “exploration, not indoctrination.” Well said, Dr. McK.

So yeah, I think I’m ready to do it. The whole thing.