Jamie at Cookie Crums asked how the Concealed Weapons class went…. it went very well, thanks!

It ended up being 11 hours because there were 18 people in the class, as opposed to the usual 6 people. Apparently, everything gun-related is going crazy right now (especially in the South, I would imagine) since the Democratic reign began. I don’t really understand how all that works, so I’m not going there. I do want to state, for the record (if this blog can be considered “the record”) that my & Bobby’s sudden interest in guns has everything to do with self-defense and nothing to do with “That Obama man is going to take away our rights!!” (heard that more than once during this experience).

That said, check this out:


Yes sirree, that’s a cardboard man… I nailed his ass 45 out of 50 times. All by myself. I have to say that I was extremely proud… it was the second time I’ve ever held a gun (the first was at the sporting goods store a few weeks ago), and I was fairly certain that I was going to embarrass myself in front of all the seasoned gunsmen in our class. But I did ok… as well as some of them, actually.

I didn’t realize going into the class that it was people who were already fairly familiar with guns, and who wanted to carry… yeah, you would think that the course name “Concealed Weapons Permit” would have clued me in, huh? But I got lucky in that the entire course was taught from a “Guns 101” perspective… I’m sure all the gun-toting guys in back were bored out of their minds, but it was perfect for a newbie like me.

Got answers to lots of questions that I didn’t even know I had — for example, what is justified use of deadly force? I’ve heard all the stories about people breaking into houses, getting hurt, and then suing the residents (& WINNING!!). Since moving into our house, I’ve been unpleasantly surprised to realize that our proximity to the hospital results in a fairly steady flow of people who feel fully entitled to come up on our porch and ask for money, food, money, the use of our phone, money, etc. At first it was just annoying, but then after Jen & Tom’s break-in, I started getting spooked. I mean, I watch all these “American Justice” and “Cold Case” shows about all sorts of bad things happening, especially to women… and now I’m being greeted by strange men up on my porch peering through the storm door at me? Yeah, freakin’ scary. Tom suggested that I use my hole-y cardboard man as a No Trespassing sign to discourage my unwanted visitors… ha.