mar9-013Today, I’ve been sitting on the front porch swing and reading a book. Productive? Not so much. Relaxing? You betcha. These first few days of spring really feel like a lovely little surprise — I mean, I knew spring was coming, but I always forget how nice it is to walk outdoors and be greeted by a reawakening world. Smells like freshly mowed grass, sunshine, and the flowering bush on the corner…  I wish that I could take scratch-&-sniff pictures.

Picture to the right is my unkempt flower bed — the blooms are persevering despite the carpet of leaves and weed intruders. My rake and I have an appt with the flower beds & a couple of bags of mulch in the next week or so. I admit that I’m still feeling more than a little intimidated by the disaster that is our backyard, but Bobby says we have to just chip away at it one little project at a time. See? That’s why I married Bobby.

Does anyone know how to deal with a koi pond? Our house had one when we moved it, and I have absolutely no clue how to clean/maintain it. I actually don’t even know if it’s a koi pond… it might just be a goldfish pond?… argh, poor fish that have probably already died due to their incompetent owners.

  1. Koi/Goldfish pond — don’t even know where to start
  2. Hammock — the hammock itself is filthy with wintry muck, and underneath it, squirrels have built a Blair-Witch-like thicket of sticks and leaves and all sorts of fun things.
  3. Garden — this is big one. We really enjoyed having our own little vegetable garden last year, but the actual planning/tilling/planting phase is overwhelming. I guess I need to sit down and just map it out on paper?
  4. Hot tub — the tub has a slow leak, the cover is caving in, and the whole thing just needs to be scrubbed. Hasn’t been used in months. Funny how I always thought I would use the snot out of a hot tub until I got one…
  5. Deck/patio area — Leaves, leaves, and more leaves. Need to rake, hose off, pull weeds, replace lights, and repair some of the cutesy little birdhouses back there that are in the process of biting it. Patio table/chairs need a spring cleaning. Oh my.

So yeah. So glad that I made that list and completely stressed myself out. Does anyone else do that?… find yourself fixating on the “to do” list instead of just enjoying, I mean? Perhaps I need to go back out and swing for a while longer. :)

Welcome to Spring, everybody!!