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Sue said that she was gonna hurt me if I didn’t post, so here I am. Nothing big has been going on — I’ve actually just been living vicariously through the fabulous recent happenings with Holly, her hubby, & their newly arrived little Charlotte. I honestly haven’t seen such a beautiful newborn since our Maggie, and that’s saying a lot, cuz’ Mag’s pretty much perfect. :)

Maggie’s Recent Escapades
Speaking of Maggie, I haven’t talked about that little scamp in a while. She’s walking and talking and just generally causing a ruckus… I continually laugh at her. She’s just flippin’ hilarious — her facial expressions, her cognitive processes, her very strong opinions. magfeb24Like she’ll see my tennis shoes on the floor, tucked neatly under the coffee table, and she’ll determinedly pull them out and place them carefully & neatly on the top of table, side by side. Why? I don’t know. Or she’ll pull out a tupperware bowl and wear it on her head while marching around the kitchen doing “happy feet” (we watched the movie and she’s never been the same… she has now perfected the little penguin shuffle, and will do it on command). Or she’ll smash her face into the french door and rub snot circles on the glass while giggling manically. Or she’ll bang on my front door and yell “Bye-Bye!” very emphatically, indicating that she’s had enough of Aunt Sarah’s house and she’s ready to blow this joint.

Oh, and her newest trick. When annoyed with the person holding her, she strikes like a snake and tries to claw your face off while shrieking like a banshee. She’s lightening-fast… her little hand lashes out and your eyeball is toast before you even see it coming. She gets her leg popped for that, which hurts her feelings and makes me sad too, so we cry together… her over her injured feelings, me over my injured eyeball. Sigh, such is life with the Mag.

Maggie’s Perfectly Perfect Easter Togs
I made a thoroughly irresponsible financial decision this week and purchased an Easter outfit for Mag that’s simply perfect. I’ve found two websites for classic children’s clothes — you know, the kind with smocking and embroidery rather than Dora and Seseme Street. Not knocking Dora and Seseme Street – they’re fine for playclothes. But for special occasions, nothing works better than smocking (in my opinion, of course).

Favorite Website #1: Best Dressed Child
Oh my, so cute. Any website that has “Beach Portrait Clothing” as an entire category has my vote. Clothing is pricey, but perfect for a special occasion.

Favorite Website #2: Grammie’s Attic
This one is actually my top favorite, so probably should have been #1. It has new clothing, but also the originals… vintage pieces back to the 1920’s. Absolutely beautiful clothing, like what our parents and even grandparents might have worn as babies.

So now, back to Maggie’s Easter outfit… yeah, tell me this isn’t the most precious thing EVER. The description says that it’s 1950’s inspired. When I saw it on the Grammie’s Attic website, it felt immediately familiar… I wonder if I went through old pictures, if I’d find one of Mama as a little girl wearing something very similar:


It’s 3-pc pink linen, with a coat to wear on her Easter egg hunt if it’s chilly and a bonnet. Love it… it shipped today and I can’t wait til it arrives!

And in non-Maggie related news:

Project Sunday Morning
Bobby and I went back to —- Baptist this past Sunday and I have a meeting scheduled with the pastor tomorrow. I think that the Facebook group I started a few weeks ago for the kids who grew up with me in The Church has really helped me put some demons to rest. I’ve begun realizing the voice in my head, the one that’s been there for years, just might be full of crap. Novel concept, huh? It really is terrifying how much influence can be brandished over children during the foundational early years, and how long it takes to get rid of those doctrines/thoughts/voices (if you ever do). This past Sunday, when the little voice started it’s malicious undermining, telling me that I was wasting my time, I told it to shut the hell up. And surprisingly, it did.

The little voice in my head has been pointing out that statistically speaking, it’s highly unlikely that the “perfect” church home is going to just happen to be right around the corner from our house… that by liking this church, I’m selling out to what’s most convenient rather than what’s “right.” But would it be totally beyond the scope of reason to think that God would put the right church directly in my path because He KNOWS that I’m not going to search very hard? I think it’s entirely possible. In this new place where I am — or where I’m at least TRYING to be — God loves me and wants to protect and help me, rather than judge and punish me. This new benevolent God would be entirely capable and willing to put a great church, the right church for me right now, right around the corner. So I’m going there. I’m taking that plunge. I’m meeting with that pastor and explaining just a mere slice of the screwed-up religious background that I’m bringing with me. So there. Take that, little voice in my head.

Social Sarah & Such
I volunteered at the Museum again last week and it went swimmingly. I assisted with the Museum scrapbook project, which was right up my alley. Basically, I read scads of newspapers, found references to the Museum or Museum-sponsored events, cut them out, and scrapbooked them. It was Arts & Crafts… geez, who WOULDN’T like Arts & Crafts?!?  So I’m now on their regular volunteer schedule, and I’m ok with that. Yay for Social Sarah.

Also signed up for the 12-week New Member Orientation at the YMCA, followed by an hour on the elliptical machine today. I know, jump back! I literally almost puked when I got off that sucker, but felt extremely proud of myself… so I guess it’s worth the potential pukeage, right?

Oh, and if all that socialness wasn’t enough, I also suggested and am truly looking forward to a Trivia Night with friends at the local Irish pub in the next week or so. A big fat WOOHOO for Irish beer and impossibly hard trivia questions… what could more fun?! :)