Today, I was social with a vengeance. Went to lunch with Bobby’s company in celebration of VIEW’s one-year anniversary, then came home, printed out resumes, and headed back out in search of a job. I didn’t find one, but I’m now officially a volunteer at the Anderson County Museum. My first volunteer shift is tomorrow from 10 to 1pm… I’m pathetically nervous. I mean, I’m working for zero dollars… WHY would I be stressing about this? I just think it’s the idea of being out in the “real world” again, meeting new people, learning new things, and trying to be exactly what they want me to be.

But it’s a step, you know? A step out of the house, out of my little bubble that I’ve created since quitting my job 8 – yes, EIGHT – months ago. And how cool is it that if they like me and let me come back, I get to learn all about Anderson history?!?

After I get off tomorrow, I’m planning to distribute my neat little stack of resumes at the downtown businesses. These shops/businesses are the small-town kind – few have a website, and even if they’re online, job postings probably aren’t going to be listed. I’m telling them that I’m only interested in part-time positions. We could definitely use a full-time income, but I’m ridiculously terrified of committing to 40 hrs per week again… just want to ease back into it. Plus, if the Museum works out, I’d like to have time to still volunteer there.

So there you have it — my first venture back into the world of employment. I don’t even think that I fully realize how used I’ve gotten to being alone… it’s going to be quite an adjustment, I fear. These words sound deceivingly calm, almost like my stomach’s not flipping at the thought of tomorrow. It’s so strange, looking at myself, at this person I’ve become — not someone I particularly wanted to be.