I love tv right now. Like really, really love it. I’m not ashamed. My tv schedule goes something like this:

Monday: The Bachelor
Some say that it’s about as low as you can go in the garbage heap that is reality tv. But come on people, we’re talking catfights, extreme dating, deception, a ridiculously false representation of relationships, and a potential marriage proposal… what’s not to love? And now I’ve taken my Bachelor enjoyment to the next level through my discovery of recap blogs — the inside scoop by the host Chris Harrison, and a snarky little play-by-play by Lincee (her blog is called “I Hate Green Beans” – even her title makes me smile :) ). I laugh during the Bachelor, and then I laugh again while recap reading. And laughing is good.

Tuesday: American Idol, Biggest Loser
Yay, American Idol!! I will watch you forever and ever and be extremely distraught when your television reign is over. And Biggest Loser is inspirational to the point of almost having it’s “reality tv” card revoked.

Wednesday: American Idol, Criminal Minds
Yay again, AI!! You could come on every single night, and I would watch you without hesitation. And Criminal Minds is good stuff – all creepy and crap. Deals with behavior analysis, which I find fascinating, especially in a sensationalized, crime-drama format.

Thursday: American Idol, Survivor, CSI
Yes, non-AI watchers, it comes on three times a week and yet remains the most watched show on television. Great stuff, I tell you.  Survivor is like the vain, shallow version of Biggest Loser. The 18th season (yes, it’s been on 18 seasons!) of Survivor actually doesn’t start until 2/12/09, but they’re playing Criminal Minds reruns during that slot, so I’ve not been forced to change my tv saturation schedule. And CSI almost lost me when Warrick died, but the introduction of Laurence Fishburne (hello, Morpheus, so nice to see you outside the Matrix) has rekindled my devotion.

So now that you all are either feeling disdainful and judgy because tv is directly linked to the downfall of our society, or relieved that you’re not the only tv addict out there, I will conclude this post/confession. Ah, only a few more hours before Tuesday night television begins!!