I’ve been so caught up with my religious pondering that I almost forgot to write about yesterday morning… Project Sunday Morning continues!

We attended North And.erson Com.munity Church. It’s USA Presby.terian, which apparently is different lgbtfrom PCA? I’m trying to learn the basic differences as I go.  I was intrigued with this particular church because they have this little gem on the homepage of their website as well as a sign out front… yep, folks, that’s the rainbow flag for the gay community. Not a common thing for churches in the rural South. I also was drawn in by their tagline — “Connecting People With God. Connecting People With People.”

Again, the people could NOT have been nicer. We were a bit out of place in our Sunday pantyhose and tie, but I got the distinct impression that anything short of naked would be just fine with those friendly folks. There was a large room with chairs in a semi-circle; in the middle, there was a tall stool where the pastor sat during the sermon, which was actually more like a discussion with the congregation occasionally throwing their comments and contributions out there. As Bobby and I took our seats, a docile yellow lab came over to snuff us… apparently all God’s creatures are welcome. Bobby and I agreed that Oscar & Coby would probably not be very conducive to a worship environment. I was a little bit shocked (my prudishness showing?) when a girl about my age sat down next to me… she was openly breast-feeding her baby. Little more of her than I necessarily wanted to see during our first visit, or ever, actually.

They passed around a large soup pot for our “Souper Bowl” donations — anyone who was planning to watch the SuperBowl was asked to donate for the local soup kitchen. I’ve never been in a church that was so community-oriented. It was inspiring and incredibly sincere.

Immediately following the service, they were going to have First Sunday Dinner, where they all eat together and discuss the sermon. Bobby and I slipped out, but not because we weren’t invited to stay (10 times). I noted the bumper stickers on the cars as we pulled out of the parking lot… you can actually a lot about a congregation by looking at their cars. All older, more gas-efficient vehicles with bumpers stickers like “War Is Not the Answer,” “GoBama 08,” and “Kill Your Television.”

It was a little too “hippie-ish” and holistic for us, I think, but I’ve already recommended that Susanna visit there the next time she’s home.

So week two, complete. Dunno where we’re heading next, but I confess that after two consecutive weeks, I’m actually enjoying this whole church thing :)