In a nod of acknowledgment to my 90-Day Challenge, I haven’t had a beer in two weeks. Screw that, here’s to beer! :)

Yes, it’s Friday night and I’m home alone, drinking beer by myself. Yes, I’m pathetic. Yes, Bobby’s at the hospital with his grandfather.

So since I’m just randomly rambling, I will talk about the incident of Monday night. It was effing scary. I took Sue back to Charleston, then headed home. 500 miles, no eventfulness of any kind. All is well. A mile — a mere mile — from my house, at 10:30pm, a car forced me off the road. Again, let me repeat… it was effing scary. I don’t know if he (the windows were tinted, so I’m just assuming it was a “he”) was drunk or high or just feeling feisty. But he came over into my lane and just kept on coming until I jumped the curb and was in the grass. He then slowed down — perhaps to make sure that adequate damage was done? — then sped off. Shithead.

So here I sit in the grass, not knowing what kind of damage had been done to my car, knowing that at least one tire was blown, and cursing the person driving the white Cutlass, or maybe a Caprice, with bright silver spinners. I called Bobby and he was still at the office. Because 10:30 is a totally reasonable time to be at the office. A moment later, a truck pulled up behind and two guys jumped out — they were working at the CVS I had just passed and heard the crash/boom/bang of me careening off the road. So they changed my tire like true gentlemen while I cursed on the phone to Bobby & Jennifer… NOT like a true lady.

So that was the tale of Monday night. The car wasn’t really damaged… only the front passenger tire had blown, the rim is kinda beat up, but the body of the car doesn’t seem to be injured in any way. If I ever see the assface in the white Cutlass/Caprice with the spinners again, I’m gonna do something. Maybe make some sort of obscene gesture?… yeah, that’ll show ’em! :)

The End. Off to find another beer, my dear(s).