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I have an appt with Dr Jerry today at 5pm for first time since mid-December, and I’m dreading it. I’ve NEVER dreaded meeting with Dr Jerry… ever. But I am today. I’ve been kinda mentally checked out for a while, and I know that he’s going to make me think and I don’t want to. But we can’t just sit there and stare at each other, so I’m gonna have to say something.

So what should I talk about?

Maybe I should talk about Daddy. He’s been a pure 100% assmunch since Sue moved to Charleston… I think maybe he doesn’t want her to move away, so he’s being really mean? Kinda the adult version of a little boy punching the girl he likes. He helped me move her in, but handed out attitude the entire time… got pissy when she listed me as her emergency contact because HE’S her parent. Oh, I’m sorry, I must have just IMAGINED the part where I signed for her student loans because he wouldn’t. He gave her $400 before she moved, and now considers himself absolved of all monetary responsibility for the next 4 years. $100 per year to support your kid… pretty decent, huh? Hmph. Whatever. Mama would kick his ass and chew his ears off if she were here.

And this past weekend, we brought her home for the first time. She doesn’t have a car down there this semester, so we’re sharing the pickup/dropoff responsibilities. Jen & Tom made the trip down and back on Friday to pick her up, and then I did the drop off on Monday. 3.5 hrs one way, for a grand total of 7 hrs in the car. Whew. Daddy hasn’t even mentioned the possibility of him taking a turn. Surprise.

We (Jen, Tom, Sue, Mag, Daddy, and I) had lunch together on Monday before we left, and he showed up 15 minutes late. Muttered about our choice of restaurant. Asked why the waitress hadn’t brought HIS chips (they only bring one basket per table) and complained until we asked the poor server if she could please bring a basket just for him. When our food came, he heaved a big sigh and said “I don’t have a fork.” And then just sat there looking at us. Jennifer said “Sorry, Daddy, looks like Maggie threw it in the floor… you’ll have to ask for another one.” He then rolls his eyes and heaves another long-suffering sigh and just sits there. So Tom, in order to curb the drama, gets up and asks for another fork for Daddy because apparently he’s helpless? Argh.

It finally seemed that he was just going to eat his lunch, when Sue asked when he and Aunt Gin (his sister visiting from CA) were planning to come to Charleston. Keep in mind that Charleston is only about 45 min from Bowman, where Aunt Gin will be staying, and Sue’s been dealing with her bouts of homesickness by scheduling and looking forward to home weekends and family visits. So she’s pretty freakin’ excited about Aunt Gin & Daddy visiting her. Then Daddy nonchalantly says “I’ve decided not to come to Charleston.” Silence descends on the table.

Sue: Um. Why? Why aren’t you coming?
Gin’s coming to visit me in Townville, so there’s really no point in us coming to Charleston.
Weeeell, I’m in Charleston and I would like to see ya’ll. I’ve been really looking forward to your visit.
Susanna, it’s just not gonna work out.
But I don’t understand why.
Because Bobby’s grandpa is in the hospital.
[Jen and I exchange looks… Um, WHAT?! What does Bobby’s grandfather have to do with Daddy? They barely know each other.]

Daddy, I don’t understand what Bobby’s grandpa has to do with you visiting me in Charleston.
[Voice raised, tone mean as hell, pulls the “Authority Figure” card that we’re all-too-familiar with] Susanna, don’t question me!
[Head down, mutters into her salad] Whatever.
What was that, Susanna? What did you say?
Jennifer and I try to intervene and smooth it over… “Sue, just email Aunt Gin directly and ask her to come down by herself. I’ll bet she would. She loves you, and she would love to see you. And ya’ll would have so much fun. Yeah, it would be SO much fun! Blahblahblahblah….”
Susanna, do you have something to say to me?

And then we all sit in silence and Sue cries. Yeah, good times. Asshole.

But really, why even talk about it? Doesn’t accomplish anything. Maybe I’ll just print this post out and give it to Dr Jerry and save my breath.

Oh, and Daddy has asked Jennifer to book another trip to Oklahoma during the next month. Wonder if this will be the one where he brings back a new wife? It’s coming… I could be completely mistaken, but I think my father will be remarried by this time next year. Hmph. Maybe I should let her read this post too. Of course, they’ll probably already be married by the time I meet her. Poor sucker.