Here’s a snippet of the text messages I’ve received from Sue today:

There’s this kid across from me in the dining hall and… He wears his sunglasses at night, or indoors at least. Weird CofC indie kids. Ha.

I’m using my new coffee maker to make hot chocolate :)

Thought u guys should know I was sitting here checkin my email and a horse & carriage rode by my bedroom window.

Yay!! Kim invited me out so I have plans tonightttt :)

There’s a hotdog stand on the corner of King and George. Mmmm, dinner.

So yes, she’s doing well. She and Roommate Kim are going out on the town for the first time tonight… I haven’t heard yet, so I assume that they’re having fun. She was contemplating wearing her black mini dress and silver sequined Converse tennis shoes… I hope she went with something a little less “Sue-ish” for her first night out with the roomie. The other two roommates are coming back into town tomorrow, one of which Sue shares a bathroom with. Why am I more nervous than she is?

Jennifer, Maggie and I chatted with Sue via Skype for over an hour last night. Started out as a nice, pleasant (relatively normal) chat, then quickly disentengrated into a conversation typical of our family. Maggie shrieking because Tom took the screwdriver that she somehow unearthed in Jennifer’s sewing nook, Bobby playing with his iphone application that makes various poot noises & giggling like a 5th-grade boy, Jennifer showing her dance moves to the camera (bad, bad, tragically white-girl dance moves), and me trying to talk to Sue about whether changing her hair style would cause her new classmates to not know her. Like I said… typical. Sue was ready to stab her eyes out by the end of the call. See, there’s nothing like an hour on Skype with your psychotic family to make you actually GLAD you’re a state away.

Oh, and before I close…. here’s the latest text from Sue. 1:23am, I’m including all the spelling “idiosyncrysies”:

Omg im so drink but im with kim and kwith hahahaha looooove youuuuuu

Yeah, good times. And fyi, Kim’s boyfriend’s name is “Keith,” not “kwith.”