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I’m really, really trying not to be a nasty bitch right now. It’s hard — really, effing hard. The pregnant cousin named her baby after my grandmother… which also happens to be MY NAME. What the fucking hell. The family’s not that big — how could she take my name?!? I am going to have a daughter one day, and I wanted to use my OWN NAME for MY BABY. That fucking bitch. I feel like screaming, my hands are shaking I’m so angry. I so want to write an email blasting her, but I know that I shouldn’t. It would hurt people that I don’t want to hurt — my aunt, my uncle, my grandmother even though she told that stupid twit NOT to use her/my name. It’s not worth it, it’s not worth it, it’s not worth it. Right?

I hate her. She kept her pregnancy, she never appreciated it, she did nothing but bitch the entire time, she had a perfect baby girl, and she TOOK MY FUCKING NAME. I hate her. And now I’m crying.