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So the fury has (mostly) passed. Thank you all for your comments… you’re right, my name is my name and I need to proceed as previously planned despite the name-stealing twit. I’m pretty much to the place where I’ll be able to control my mouth when I talk to Grandma about it, as opposed to the uncontrollable rant that was spewing earlier.

And thank ya’ll too for not telling me that I’m being stupid and childish… I know I don’t even have a daughter yet, but there’s just an unspoken honor system with family names that should be acknowledged. My name is Sarah Frances, both my maternal and paternal grandmothers’ names are Frances, and I’ve always thought I would name my first little girl Frances… it’s an old-fashioned classic with family roots in both my mom & dad’s sides of the family. I’m taking comfort in the fact that she’s not calling the baby Frances… at least I don’t think she is.

I still hate her though. Just saying.

And thank you all for your comments about Sue’s room & the moving process. She’s doing well — registered for classes & met her adviser today, and is firmly convinced thus far that CofC is going to be a much better fit for her than Clemson. I hope that continues to be the case. She’s been very impressed with the personalized attention that she’s received for the last two days from the History dept and her advisor, and the class sizes are 20-25 people, as opposed to Clemson’s 125-member classes. The smaller school environment is going to be a welcome change for her — I think that going into Clemson, she didn’t think she needed personalized attention, but Mama’s rediagnosis changed her needs and Clemson couldn’t adjust accordingly.

She’s only met one roomie so far — the other two are arriving sometime this weekend before classes begin on Monday. Keeping my fingers crossed that there’s no weird roommate drama. She’s called me about 14 times today, and we have a webcam appt this evening so she can talk to Maggie. Ahhh, technology… what would we do without it?

Thank ya’ll again. It’s so… well, gratifying, I guess, to read your words and know that my bloggy peeps are with me on the offensiveness of the name-stealing issue, regardless of my current childless state. Childless & childish…. has a ring, no?  Hmph.