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Yep, Sue is now an official resident of Charleston, SC. It’s a truly gorgeous city – brick/cobblestone streets, street lamps, amazing historical architecture — and Sue’s a history major, which is just pretty freakin’ perfect. The “campus” is completely integrated into the city, making it very different from Clemson or Lander (my alma maters). Her dorm/apt building is in the same building as CVS pharmacy, next to a cafe called “Caviar & Bananas” and one block back from Pottery Barn & Lucky Brand Jeans. I think it’s going to be perfect for her.

We drove down Wed morning — arrived around 4ish. Took about 15 trips to get all her crap up to the apt (gotta love moving) which was a project in itself… her apt building has a keycard lockbox on the outside door and another one on the elevator, so Sue, Daddy and I had to move in a pack, along with all of the box, laundry baskets, rugs, crates, etc that we were hauling. It was a little bit ridulous — Tom’s circus tune would have very appropriate.

Daddy took us to dinner and left a little while later, and Sue and I proceeded to arrange and rearrange and re-rearrange her room. It’s tiny, but it’s all hers… until she moves, at least.

Here’s BEFORE:


And here’s AFTER… it still has a bit of a “dormish” look (yeah, I’d love to attack with a gallon of paint :) ), but it’s personalized and she loves it and that makes me happy:


Check out the black iron candelabra in the second “After” pic… how’s that for a fun jewelry hanger?!

This morning, she left for orientation and I headed home. 4+ hour drive, approximately 500 miles… quite a haul! Jen & Tom are driving down to get her for her next visit home, scheduled for next weekend, and then I’ll probably do the drop-off trip. The interstate between Anderson & Charleston is going to be worn out by the end of this semester.

Feel so much better now that the move is over and Sue is firmly settled. I could tell that she was nervous this morning before orientation, but I really, truly think that this is a good thing. I’m keeping my cell close-by so that she doesn’t feel alone… she’s called (only) 4 times since I left. Fine with me – I’m happy to be a “filler” until she creates a new social life down there. I’ve been feeling so close to Mama for the last few days. I’ve been playing her role (as much as I can, at least), doing what she would have done if she were here. I felt her there in the room with us, as we laughed and chattered and I was wiping out Sue’s drawers with Clorox wipes before filling them with clothes. And again while I was driving back this morning — knowing, on some very minuscule level, how she must have felt when she moved me into Lander and drove away. I feel sad because I do and will miss Sue’s companionship. But I can hardly wait for the day when she calls me and blasts me with an excited stream of words about her new classes/friends/life, or maybe even the day when she doesn’t call me at all, because that means that she’s busy and happy.

Yay for good change.