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Tomorrow (well, Wed — so I guess it’s actually today) is Moving Day… Daddy & I are moving Sue to Charleston. Jennifer and I gave her presents tonight – a collage of family pics, and a huge picture of the Charleston rainbow. Sue’s handling everything pretty well… no tears, but she’s been like, as my Grandma would say, a hen on a hot rock. Jittering, antsy, nervous as hell. I keep reminding her that this is GOOD THING. Moving to Charleston, restarting college, getting her life back on track — all things that she’s wanted for the past year, and now, they’re finally happening. I’m sure there’s a more interesting, eloquent way of saying this, but the bottom line? Change, even good change, is tough. Ugh — I prefer easy, k? Thanks.

We’re leaving tomorrow morning, and Daddy’s heading back tomorrow night. I’m spending tomorrow night with Sue in her dorm room – we’ll be able to take our time decorating and making it feel like her space. All her crap is ready to roll… it’s currently stacked around the perimeter of the dining room until we load it into the cars tomorrow. She’s bought some really cute decorative stuff — I’ll take BEFORE and AFTER pictures of her dorm room before I leave Thursday.

I haven’t thought about college life in years — like really, really thought about it. Dorms, new roommates, picking up your key and your student ID and your parking pass (or in this case, your bicycle permit). Hoping you get a decent schedule, hoping you find a part-time job that’s willing to work around your classes, hoping your roommates don’t hate you, hoping that you meet at least a few nice people so you don’t have to eat in the dining hall by yourself. Argh. Makes me twitch. I even had a weird college-related dream last night — it was in a giant, mall-type building, and I was late for class and got lost and then the professor was mean to me when I finally came puffing through the door. Whew. College was great, I really enjoyed (most) of it, but I can’t say that I’d go back and do it again.

Sue’s room looks so empty. I’ve been thinking about how it’s going to be Thursday night — just Bobby and me. We’re actually going to have to adjust to living together again… we haven’t lived together, just the two of us, in over a year. I don’t think I even realize how much Bobby works from home — he’s on the laptop for hours nearly every evening. I’ve had Sue to chat with, watch tv with, and I honestly haven’t noticed that much when Bobby disappears every evening into the dining room/makeshift office. It’s going to be quite an adjustment for both of us — yes, he may have to cut back his at-home hours, but I also have to become less co-dependent. Yeah, this should definitely be interesting.

So I think I’m going to sleep now.