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The new year is looming, and I’ve, in my eternally pessimistic way, been seeing more of the same. But this during the past week or so, I had a realization… and although it seems ridiculously obvious, it hit me like a brand-new thought.

Change? Yes, I can. (Yep, I just totally ripped off Obama’s campaign… I figure he won’t mind.)

2009 could be different. It could. In some ways, it will be more of the same – Mama’s gone, two little babies never made it, and those things can’t be changed. But some things CAN change. And I’m going to try.

  • I will change MY SUNDAY MORNING. Yep, that’s right, folks, Sarah’s talking about church. That’s kind of a big deal. I have no idea where this change will lead me – to a Baptist or Episcopalian, nondenominational or denominational, traditional or contemporary, lavish or sparse. But it’s a movement in the right direction, whichever direction it may be.
  • I will change MY JOB SITUATION. Again, I’m not sure where this will lead. But I am sure that I need a schedule, a structure, a paycheck.
  • I (we) will change OUR HEALTH INSURANCE. This is a bit on the practical side, but it needs to be done. After I quit at S-D, we went with Cobra, which is incredibly expensive. We’ve just been doing enough to get by, and it was the easiest option. Time to reevaluate to make a decision based on actual research.
  • I (we) will change OUR FAMILY. Bobby and I will try to get pregnant again. If we have a 3rd miscarriage, we will take our fertility journey to the next step. If Bobby and I want a family – and we do – we WILL have a family. It may not happen the way I’ve always pictured it… but really, when does anything ever truly happen the way you plan?!? Um, never? So however it happens for us – that’s something that I’m opening myself to.
  • I will change MY ROUTINE. Sue’s moving out during the first week of Jan, which means that Bobby and I will be living in our house alone for the first time ever. This is going to be an adjustment for me on several levels, which is going to cause changes and adjustments to the routine that we’ve become accustomed to since moving here last Feb-08.
  • I will change MY HEALTH. Bobby and I owe it to ourselves to take care of our health – portion control, making good food choices, regular exercise. Like every other area of our lives, we’ve been just existing for the past two years, doing just enough to get by. I want 2009 to be different, better.

Lofty goals, I know. But I’m feeling unusually optimistic this evening. So here’s to giving it my best shot.