Ok, I’m pouring the rest of that jug-o-vino down the drain. Wasteful, but necessary. I just reread my rantings from last night, and am now resisting the urge to go back and edit. I really, really want to go back and edit… not because what I said was false (quite the opposite, actually), but because public drunkenness is a little embarrassing, even in the bloggy world. I guess the bloggy world would still count as “public”?

I do confess, though, that the channeling of Samantha Jones made me giggle a bit… I love Samantha Jones. I actually (occasionally) use that line in real life – not very often, just when the situation requires excessive obscenity.

So ok then. I’m off to do productive things like straighten the house and go to Walgreens. Sue skipped work again today (she only has 11 more days, but can’t seem to force herself to actually go), so I may make her run errands with me. She’ll be so happy.