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Am freakin’ pooped, so I’m (cheating) summarizing with lots of pictures. Roll over the pics for captions…

Ok, let us begin:

Wednesday night, Sue and I started cooking massive amounts of food. The cooking continued on Thursday morning when Jennifer joined us at 9am, and we only missed our estimated completion time by one hour… ate by 4pm. It was freakin’ yummy, if I do say so myself. The logistics of our first Thanksgiving dinner attempt went surprisingly smoothly.


Friday morning, got up and headed to the Greenville Zoo. I confess, I was more than a little grumpy about going to the zoo in the AM, but I’m glad Jennifer made us. The animals were feeling very spunky, and we had a picnic & hung out a bit in the little park.


Then headed to Pelzer to purchase a Christmas tree. They had lovely and convenient pre-cut trees, but oh no… give us a saw and point us in the right direction, cuz we’re gonna cut our own, by golly. Walked and walked to the very back lot, where we found our tree. We’ve always had a Frasier Fir, and this one’s a pine. I confess that I still wanted to go with a pre-cut fir, not because they were pre-cut, but because they look like the classic Christmas tree to me. But Bobby looked so deflated at the prospect of not getting to use his saw that I couldn’t bring myself to deprive him. So a pine it is.


This morning, we rolled out of bed just in time to greet Brad & Rosemary, friends from Charleston. All five of us (Bobby, Brad, Rosemary, Sue, & me) piled into the Honda (in one accord… Accord. Get it? Ha.) and were firmly entrenched at Wild Wing by 11ish. Were pounding buckets-o-Bud by 12 noon kickoff, and loved watching those Tigers pound the Gamecocks. The early football/drinking kickoff resulted in all us old peeps crashing by 10ish. We’re a bunch of geriatrics… just can’t take it these days.

Will write more later. My beer & I must sleep now.