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I have a lot, lot, lot to do and what am I doing? Yep, I’m sitting here on my laptop. Bad Sarah.

Got up this morning and had lunch with MIL, SIL, CIL (that’s Cousin-In-Law, by the way) and Sue. Have Dr Jerry at 5, and then Sue, Jen & I are heading to the grocery for a butt-load of food. Am feeling more than a little overwhelmed by this solo Thanksgiving dinner, but I appear to be the only one, so I guess maybe I’m overreacting? Hard to imagine me overreacting, I know.

Sue got pulled for speeding this morning, which was thoroughly annoying. The cop told her “Happy Thanksgiving” as he handed her the ticket. Nice.

And I bought two Christmas gifts for Maggie on Ebay last night that I’m very, VERY excited about, but which I can’t share because Maggie has spies reading this blog (yep, I’m talkin’ about you, BIL Tom! :) ). So I’ll have to hold them in my heart until after Christmas.

What else. We’re going to chop down a Christmas tree on Friday. With a real axe and everything. Pretty excited. Friday has been dubbed Decoration Day, when we’ll haul all the Christmas crap out of the attic and put all the fall crap back up. Our Christmas decorations haven’t been unpacked since 2005, when we lived in Charlotte, so this should be kinda fun. I get brief twinges of guilt about feeling excited about Christmas without Mama, but I’m pushing them away. This was her favorite time of the year… she’d be pissed if we cancelled Christmas permanently.

Ok, I have two other topics that I’ve been mulling over and I want to thoroughly analyze and explore and dissect to death, but they’re kinda serious and require mental involvement and I just don’t feel like it right now. I’m making myself a note to come back to them later.

I hope you’re all having a good Thanksgiving Eve, and for all who are responsible for food prep, happy cooking!!