Bobby and I dutifully attended our WeightWatchers meeting Sunday afternoon, despite the fact that I was having a bit of a holiday-related funk. This is the conversation that ensued with my WW leader (who I’ve told about Mama):

Really Cheery WW Lady: HI, SARAH! So good to see you here! How ARE you?!?
Me: Fine. [Insert tight-lipped smile here]
Really Cheery WW Lady: Really? I mean, REALLY?! I know this isn’t an easy time…..
Me: Yep, I’m fine. [Tight-lipped smile becomes a grimace.]
Really Cheery WW Lady: You know, Sarah, there’s a book that I really think you would enjoy, and guess what?!? All of our books are half off today!!
Me: That’s nice, maybe I’ll take a look. [As I try to slink away]
Really Cheery WW Lady: Yes, it’s called “Start Living, Start Losing” and it’s full of inspirational stories that would help you get through the holidays and really just… you know… help you.
Me: Oh, really? Does it include a magic wand and a bottle of wine?

I thought I was funny. Not sure that the Really Cheery WW Lady concurred.