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I’m back. Thanks for all the comments about the Beaufort pics… wish I were still there. Sigh. And thanks for sharing your Myers-Briggs types – reading about your personality quirks has been great fun! So does anybody else think it’s probably not a coincidence that almost every person who shared was an “I” (introverted) rather than “E” (extroverted)? Hmmm.

Tuesday’s night dinner went well – I drank an inordinate amount of wine, but everyone else did too, so I guess we were all being loud and obnoxious together. Always good times, right? :)

So the next few paragraphs are going to be ranty, pissy, and just generally ugly. I’m still working through it. Don’t judge me, k?

When we got home Wed night, we discovered that we apparently have new neighbors. There’s a house that’s been for sale right next to us since before we moved in… and we’ve gotten very used to it being empty because our two houses share a *very* small driveway. Dunno who planned the driveway layout, but it sucks. We didn’t have to worry about it though… until now.

I can feel myself being really bitchy and uncharitable toward my new neighbors… I just haven’t quite adjusted yet. And yes, the shared driveway is annoying, but we knew that when we moved in, so we’re just going to figure out how to make it work. But since the house wasn’t selling, the owner decided to rent. Now before all you renters out there get sassy with me, please understand that I WAS a renter. There’s nothing wrong with being a renter. BUT – and here’s the big but – this isn’t an apartment complex. There are certain expectations when you live in an apartment complex, and then there are certain expectations when you live on a quiet, residential street. And I’m having a bit of a hard time adjusting to my neighbors. There are cars pulling in and out of the driveway every evening and into the night, random doors slamming, and just a general sense of uproar. So ok, maybe it’s because they’re still moving in.

But THEN yesterday, the dad (there’s a dad, mom & teenage girl who I haven’t seen) came over and asked if he could rake our leaves for money because they need “extra cash for, you know, moving in.” No. NONONONONO. I’m sick of people knocking on my door asking me for money. He’s the 5th – that’s right, FIFTH – person in the last two weeks to knock on the door and ask to rake our leaves/cut our grass/trim our shrubs/clean off our roof/whatever for money. And when I say “no thank you, my husband and I actually do our own yard work,” they say “well, can I just have some money then?” AAAAAARGGGGGHHH. It’s bad enough that I’m being solicited by random passers-by, but my NEIGHBOR?!? Come on, dude, get some pride. Good god. And just in general, I get creeped out when I’m cleaning house or whatever, and glance up, and there’s a random guy staring through the glass door. I told Bobby that I’m going to buy a “No Soliciting” sign and put it up in our front yard.

Ugh. See, told you that I was getting ready to get really uncharitable and evil. I really am trying to overcome my issues. I’m trying. I really am. Although that’s probably difficult to believe after reading this post.