Mandi & Brad, thanks for sharing your types! I’ve been having a good ole time reading about your personalities… interesting stuff, I tell you. Based on my knowledge of both of you, the types have been dead-on. :)

Found a chart that breaks down the US population based on a random sample (see below). Wikipedia offers a great overall summary of all 16 personality types… on the Wiki page, this little chart is clickable.


Mandi mentioned that she might retake the test. So I figured that I would post a few links, if anyone else is interested in learning what their type is. The links below aren’t “official” Myers-Briggs sites… those cost money, while these are free. And free is good.


As a quick reference, here’s the breakdown of what these letters mean:

Attitude, or how Energy is used

  • (E) Extroversion – You draw your energy from action. You act, then reflect, then act again.
  • (I) Introversion – You become less energized when you act. You reflect, then act, then reflect again.

How information is gathered

  • (S) Sensing – You are more likely to trust tangible, concrete data that can be understood through the 5 senses (see, taste, touch, smell, hear)
  • (N) iNtuition – You are more likely to trust theoretical, abstract data. You look at how the data relates to patterns or theories, and listen to any inner “insights”

How decisions are made

  • (T) Thinking – You tend to decide things from a more detached standpoint, using reason and logic.
  • (F) Feeling – You tend to come to decisions by associating or empathizing with the situation, or by looking at it “from the inside.”

Lifestyle, or how you relate to the outside world

  • (J) Judging – You prefer to have things settled.
  • (P) Perceiving – You like to leave your options open.