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On Friday afternoon, we took pictures of Maggie in our front yard… she’s such a little ham. We took 150+ pictures, but this one is my favorite, I think. It’s the facial expression and her little rotund belly poking out… just makes me laugh.

Saturday, friends Marlena & Tim came over to watch our beloved Clemson Tigers. Their little girl Emma is a charming little munchkin – only 2yo, but she is seems verynov8-003 advanced (of course, my experience with 2-yr-olds is limited, but still). When meeting Sue, she immediately zeroed in on her nose piercing and said “Did dat hurt?” Just funny… she misses nothing, and is amazingly cognizant. She had a grand time running through the leaves in the front yard, and racing around with Oscar & Coby. Then after dinner, she and Sue disappeared into the back of the house, and THIS reemerged a while later. Check out these accessories…¬† the giant sunglasses, double strand of pearls, tiara, and snake-skin purse. I think it’s safe to say that Susanna’s room is an optimal place for little (and big) divas to play “dress up”?! I missed a prime picture opportunity when she had Sue’s sparkly Converse sneakers on as well… completed the ensemble perfectly :)