What a lovely new First Family.


As someone who almost always finds herself mired in cynicism, I wept a little tonight during Obama’s first speech as President-Elect.

Call it rhetoric – after all, that’s what it is – but I feel a little less cynical and a little more hopeful this evening.

I feel awed by the impact, the significance of what happened tonight at 11pm. We, the United States of America, elected our first African-American President. Our children and grandchildren will learn about this evening in their history classes.

I believe that I may be wearing my rose-colored glasses, but indulge me for at least a second… it feels like we just elected the John F. Kennedy of our generation. Young, handsome, idealistic, vibrant, with a beautiful family and stirring speeches… I see what I’ve always imagined JFK to be in Obama.

Occasionally, something happens that has the unmistakable stamp of history being made. Tonight was one of those times.