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Just wanted to add a few more WW recipes we’ve tried this week. I’ve been doing better… as Susanna said, she “hasn’t even had to mix things together” to make them edible!

We’ve tried turkey enchilada pie. Tip: it works MUCH better if you don’t forget to put the tortillas in it. Also, we’ve had chicken & dumplings (no, they don’t taste like Grandma’s but they’re still tasty), and chicken teriyaki with broccoli. I’ve been avoiding anything with eggplant – I’m sure it might be good if done correctly, but our first experience made me a little reluctant to give it another go.

But with all this healthy eating, I’m positive that I haven’t lost an ounce this week. It’s annoying. Guess I’m going to have start exercising. Yippee. Not really.

Got a call this morning that made my day. Deb & Flo from Bobby’s company called to let me know that they liked the newsletter that I’ve been working on for VIEW. It’s the first time I’ve attempted document layout since my grad school days…. soooo, since 2003. And they like it! It made me feel really good – like, ok, I guess maybe I’m still decent at this stuff after all. This week has kinda stunk, so it was an up-note to end on.

And about Halloween. Our family didn’t acknowledge it when I was growing up – you know, us being crazy-religious and it being all about ghouls & witches & such. So I never felt any sort of attachment to it. I’m not opposed, necessarily – just not into it. There are a few houses along our street who are taking their Halloween VERY seriously… fully decked out with giant spiders and witches and cobwebs draped off their front porch. Us, not so much. We have a pumpkin & Chester the Scarecrow (his name is compliments of Jennifer), but they’re more of a nod to fall. Sue, on the other hand, loves it… my parents had stopped parenting by the time Sue reached puberty, so she’s never fully grasped the “evilness” of it. Take tonight, for example – she’s dressing up as a Playboy Bunny and going to downtown Clemson to get drunk. Good times, right?

However, as I grow older, I’m starting to understand the allure. For example, Tom (Jen’s husband) LOVES Halloween. Like loves it with a vengeance. He grew up fully embracing jack-o-lanterns, costumes, trick-or-tricking, and all things Halloween-related. His excitement is contagious… So tonight, we’re feeding trick-or-treaters, then going to haunted houses and maybe even a scary movie. Yeah, look at me celebrating Halloween!

So a very Happy Halloween to all you folks out there! :)