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For all you fellow roasters out there, I picked all my green tomatoes and roasted them for dinner last night. YUM!! Roasting things is my new favorite pastime – I tried chickpeas too (thanks, Holly!), and they were fabulous.

WeightWatchers update: Bobby and I maintained this week – no loss, no gain – which was kind of disheartening. I know that I didn’t try as hard as I could have though, so I guess it’s not as discouraging as if I had actually followed all the guidelines to the letter. I’m not drinking my 64 oz. of water per day, and there was some illicit late-night snacking. Not conducive to fast weight loss, apparently.

This weekend, Sue drank absinthe (anyone seen “Moulin Rouge”? Think Green Fairy) and got her nose pierced… good times! It’s still a bit tender in the pic to the left – apparently this was taken immediately afterward. To put this “body modification” (yes, this is how it was described by Darby the piercing ninja) into perspective, my family pierces NOTHING. Like, we’re talking crazy conservative. Like, I didn’t get my ears pierced until last fall in a show of rebellion. Like, Jennifer & Sue STILL don’t have their ears pierced. But hell, Susanna has her nose pierced, so I guess that trumps the ears, right? She has a snazzy little diamond stud… Her head has definitely gotten more interesting during the last few months. First the hair got chopped, now the nose got pierced. And she has sequined All-Star tennis shoes. Oh my.

I’ve been realizing… Sue’s moving out. I’ve known it for a while – after all, her acceptance to the College of Charleston was official on September 17th. But I’m really just realizing the implications for our home. It’s going to be so. f-ing. quiet. I mean, wow. Sue and I were ranting at CNN the other night and I realized…. I’m gonna be ranting to myself in just two months. Two months. I cook dinner, and I know that there are two more people I’m cooking for. I justify fixing things that Bobby doesn’t like because I know that Sue & I have the same taste (in food, at least). I’ve gotten accustomed to the sound of thumping music and slamming doors and random conversational tidbits thrown at me from the hallway door. There’s life beyond Bobby and me. There’s always a little scuffle of some sort happening in her end of the house. It’s gonna be weird without her here. Weird and lonely. She’s lived with us for almost a year now… it’ll be a year on Thanksgiving. There were times I thought Bobby was gonna string her up by her sparkly All-Stars. But we’re both gonna miss her. It’s been almost like having a kid, except we skipped all the cute, cuddly stages and went straight to post-adolescent/pre-adulthood angst. But it’s also been nice having a friend. A sister nearby. Yep, I’m gonna miss her.

There’s been a huge family drama that I haven’t written about, and now it’s pretty much resolved… but ripple effects are ongoing and probably will be for a while (think “nose piercing”). Daddy seemed to totally support Sue going back to school. That is, right up until it was time to pony up and sign her student loan paperwork, and then he refused. Just plain, point-blank said “no.” There have been many reasons listed – he doesn’t think she’ll pay it back and he’ll be saddled with it. He hates debt and feels that he would be doing Sue a disservice by signing for her. He thinks that she should work until she can pay for college in cash (um, yeah, that’s the voice of guy who had his parents writing a check for his college education). And last but definitely not least, he just doesn’t want her to move to Charleston. He wants her to stay local, he doesn’t think she’ll make it down there by herself (it’s approximately a 4-hr drive from here), and ultimately, he just likes knowing that she’s close by.

But she’s going. I’m co-signing for her. I’m not letting student loans – which, although it IS debt, is the cheapest money you’ll ever borrow – stand between her and her next step. Mama wanted her in college. When Mama died, all of our lives were disrupted, but Sue’s was probably the most outward disruption. She cracked, fell apart, withdrew from school, withdrew from everything. I think we would be exacerbating the tragedy of Mama’s death if we stood by and allowed that horrible, shattering event to define Susanna’s path from here. I think Mama would be totally with me on this.

But shitdamnhell, I’m gonna miss her.