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Yesterday we went to Denver Downs, a local farm that does a festival every fall. This is the first time we’ve ever gone… they have a complete spread, complete with corn maze, petting zoo and funnel cakes.

Here’s a photo tour:

1: Maggie’s outfit was a screaming success (literally), including a headband, pink tutu, & jammin’ shades.
2: Goats in the sky – they climbed up on this little platform, and Bobby sent food up to them using a nifty little pulley system. Odd, but entertaining (for us & the goats, I would imagine).
3: The Maggie & me
4: Tom & Maggie in the “cornbox”… like a sandbox, except there was corn kernels instead of sand.

1: A train of cow-spotted cars… Bobby escorted Maggie (who was VERY happy, can’t you tell?) in a little car named “Lulu Belle.”
2: Our funnel cake in the making
3: Into the corn maze we go…. that sucker was 12 ACRES!!

1: Maggie Angel in the pumpkin patch
2: The man, the child, & the goat… admit it, it’s a little bit epic.
3: Table dancing
4: They both have powdered sugared mouths… wonder what they’ve been eating?

1: The whole shebang… the goat climb, the corn maze, and far away atop the hill, the hay ride
2: Good to the last drop – Bobby & Jennifer cleaning their plates
3: Snoozing on the way home, still clutching her balloon

*Just a note: If you like Maggie’s tutu, and know a little girl who might love to have one, check out Sara Rose Tutus… you can get any color, any size, any tutu your little heart desires! :)