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My grumpiness from the last post has abated somewhat… had lunch, which always helps.

And speaking of lunch, I had leftovers from one of my recent WeightWatcher meal attempts. Whole-Wheat Chili Mac (from Sunday night)… YUUMMM. Also tried Shepherd’s Pie (Saturday night) and Southwestern Brown Rice (last night). Would recommend all of them.

This is kinda random, but while I’m talking food… I tried roasting brussel sprouts, but Sue & Bobby just weren’t big fans. Brussel sprouts have never been my favorite either, but I was struck by the realization that I hadn’t had them in years, and my taste buds might have changed. I actually liked them last night – didn’t realize that they’re in the cabbage family, and that realization made me like them better for some reason. They’re much better roasted than steamed or boiled – but I don’t think I left them in the oven long enough. Bobby & Sue agreed that they would probably have like them if they had been a smidge crunchy.

Sunday was my and Bobby’s weigh-in. Over the last two weeks, I’ve only lost 1.4 lbs… I’m sure it had something to do with gorging myself last weekend. But whatever, a loss is a loss – my total is now 8.8 lbs. And Bobby did GREAT…. lost 5.4 lbs in the last two weeks for a total of 10.6 lbs! Sunday evening, he and I completely depressed ourselves by looking up our ideal weights, BMI, etc. We still have a long way to go, but it’s nice to know that we’ve already made some progress. Makes it a little less overwhelming…