All is well on the Bobby front (despite the drama you see in the picture to the left). Yesterday at 1pm, he had a gallbladder function test, then an appt with an surgeon. Results: his gallbladder is malfunctioning, but not enough to make immediate removal necessary. The bile output of a normal gallbladder is 35%; Bobby’s output is ~3%. He’s probably going to have to have it removed eventually, but the timeline is flexible at this point.

Bobby did come up with a theory for Tuesday night’s onslaught of pain… and this actually gives me a great opening to share a story of my husband’s most recent antics. Last Saturday, while I was in Virginia, Bobby and David Lee went out carousing. Vast, VAST amounts of alcohol were consumed – more than Bobby’s drank in years – and when they arrived back at our house, Bobby fell out of David’s truck into our driveway.* Like literally fell out. On the ground. And scraped his knee (see the picture above). And then just laid there while David split a gut laughing. Thankfully, it was in the wee hours of the morning, so our neighbors didn’t witness my husband lying in our driveway. Gives renewed meaning to the words “falling down drunk.” After this illustrious behavior, Bobby theory is that his liver/gallbladder just couldn’t handle the pickling that he inflicted on them. Since his gallbladder only releases a fraction of what it should, there was a buildup of alcoholic content, thus leading to Tuesday night’s gallbladder-related disruption. I think the moral of this story is obvious, yes?

*Note: Bobby has requested that I state, for the record, that this is NOT typical behavior. Debbie & Flo, he really, really wants ya’ll to know this.

In celebration of Bobby’s lack of life-threatening ailments, we went to see the movie of his choice last night. He chose “W.” Now I want to say at this point, at the risk of pissing off some of my readers, that I am not a fan of George W. Bush. I might have been at one time, but now, not so much. But the movie made me dislike him a little less – seeing his college antics and early years made him seem much more human, but I was and am completely amazed at the series of events that led to his presidency. The movie byline is “Anyone can grow up to be president.” Yep, I guess so… which is being played out again during this election.

I have a general anti-politics policy – I have strong opinions, but figure they’re nobody’s business but mine. When discussions begin at work, during family dinners, or even on Facebook, I opt out. I figure politics and religion are the two things that can and will be argued until the end of time, and rarely will anyone actually change their opinions based on the rhetoric of others.

But I said all that to say this… I am in awe of the history-making election that I’ll be a part of in a few weeks. Regardless of who wins, the fact that the Democratic nomination was between an African-American candidate and a woman candidate is incredible to me. As an American, I’ll be the first to say that our country has many faults. But just think… it was only 88 years ago that women were given the right to vote in the presidential election. To VOTE. Sounds like a long time, but not so much when considering that there are lots of people still living who remember this. And even more unbelievable to me, it was a mere 40-ish years ago that discrimination (in voting booths & otherwise) against African-Americans was outlawed. Not that it stopped then, mind you… that’s just when it was outlawed. This is recent history, folks – our parents remember this first-hand.

And now, here we are. In 2008, a black man could be President of the country that didn’t even recognize him as a “real” citizen less than 50 years ago. That’s amazing. Wonderful. Makes my heart swell with pride for our country and how far it’s come in this respect. Good for us.