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The first 6-8 hours of this day deserve their own post… see “Poor Bobby.” But the last two hours have taken it to a new level. Perhaps it’s the lack of sleep (I’m working on about 1.5 hrs) or just today’s lack of structure, but I’m pretty much thinking that going to bed and trying again tomorrow might be my best option at this point. Few people will be interested in the last two wretched hours, but I feel that their horribleness is worthy of documentation. So here goes.

First, I went to CVS to get Bobby’s drug prescription filled. They handed the paperwork back to me and told me that it wasn’t signed, therefore they couldn’t give me the drugs.

So I went back to the emergency room and asked if someone could please sign my paper. The little nurse that helped us this morning came out and recounted in great detail how she had handed me the correct prescriptions just a few hours earlier, and I had nodded and said that I understood. I stared at her blankly. I do not recall that conversation. They couldn’t write me another prescription because one of the drugs is controlled and I could sell them on the street and get rich.

I left the emergency room and went back home to look for the missing prescriptions…. aaaaaaand there they were. Sitting in plain view. Right where I (apparently) put them. Meanwhile, Bobby is starting to puke again because he doesn’t have his medicine. Fabulous wife and caregiver, that’s me.

Headed back to CVS while calling the nice little nurse to tell her that she was right and I was wrong. CVS told me that they would have my prescriptions filled in 15 minutes only if I came inside and waited. Something about their policy, blah, blah, blah. So I headed inside and wandered aimlessly up and down the aisles, filling my cart with impulse purchases. Things like an herb chia-pet (with my new chia, I can now grow my own dill, parsley, thyme & cilantro), a Swiffer starter kit, hand soap, and three 12-packs of Diet Pepsi. While I was considering a cheese cutter and flameless candles, they called my name back at the pharmacy counter. The pharmacist rang up all of my purchases. And that was when I realized I had no money. No cash, no debit card, no method of payment whatsoever. I was lucky that she started laughing… some employees would have hurt me (keep in mind this is the second time she’s dealt with me today). She agreed to hold my cart full of items while I went home (again) to get some money.

I walked back out to the car and it didn’t start. It sputtered and ground and coughed. This is when I realized that I was out of gas. I was still carrying the gasoline can from the last time I ran out of gas (this, unfortunately, is not an uncommon occurrence for me). Poured a smidge in, enough to get me to a gas station. Once at the gas station, however, I remembered (again) that I didn’t have any money. Left the gas station to go home (again).

Things were fairly simple after that. Got money, got gas, got Bobby’s medicine and my chia-pet, and finally came home to finally feed him a pill. Poor Bobby. Poor, poor Bobby.