You know when you’re tired, zoned out, dazed – but for some reason, sleep just isn’t happening? Yeah, I’m so there.

Bobby started vomiting and writhing in pain this morning at 3am. I, being the cold-hearted wench that I am, was completely annoyed and ignored him in hopes that he would suck it up and go back to sleep. Nope. By 4am, I was on the phone with his mom, digging through the closets for a heating pad, and looking up his symptoms on WebMD.

By 4:30, we were in the emergency room. I had decided (with the help of my internet medical degree) that he had kidney stones. Apparently they run in his family?… but the CT scan & labs came back normal. So they moved on to the gallbladder – some thought it looked enlarged, others didn’t. After an ultrasound, the gallbladder was declared normal as well. So they wrote him a prescription for an acid reducer – yes, as in acid reflux – and sent him home. Now my question is this: what kind of acid reflux makes a grown man weep? (Well, not actually weep, but at least think about it.)

So he’s sleeping off the morphine & demerol that they gave him for his so-called “acid reflux” with instructions to come back if the pain returned. Have a sneaky feeling that we’re going to end up in the ER again during the next few days. But maybe not. Maybe a good dose of Zantac will fix him right up. We’ll see.