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“I was asked to find you by the daughter you gave up.”

Does this line in the advertisement for WEtv’s new show, “The Locator,” bother anyone else? I cringe every time I hear it. The words “gave up” are what really gets me, I think. Wouldn’t “daughter you weren’t able to keep” or “daughter you chose to share with a loving adoptive family” be a more accurate and less loaded way of saying this? I know they’re just trying for ratings… guess I have an issue with injecting sensationalism and a tinge of accusation into a situation that is a beautiful coming together of families.

But that’s just me.

Actually, after I wrote that last line, I started clicking about the internet… and I lied. It’s not just me. It’s lots of people. I found this post on a birth mother’s blog – she explains the offensiveness of the phrase “giving up” much more eloquently that I just did.

And while I’m on a roll, I saw a commercial yesterday that caused me to nearly fly off the chair. Our country OBVIOUSLY needs to embrace credit as much as possible because OBVIOUSLY our society doesn’t have enough dependence on using money we don’t have to buy things we don’t need. So now we’re instilling “credit is a-ok” in our kids. Enter Barbie Bucks. A really pink, really cute, really insidious Visa card that uses Barbie to market the evil credit empire.

And even more fun, check out this toy – the Barbie Fashion Fever Shopping Boutique Playset. It’s this nifty little revolving closet (think Cher’s closet in the movie “Clueless”) so you can mix & match Barbie’s outfits without having to try them on. Ok, I’m fine up to this point. Then, however, Mattel crosses to the dark side. This treacherous toy has an actual credit card swiper-thingy complete with pink credit card so you can pay for Barbie’s clothes with plastic. And my favorite part… the last sentences of the product description:

Swipe the Fashion Fever credit card to “pay” and find out the remaining balance on your account. But don’t fret. Once the balance hits zero, it will reset so you can continue to shop.

Oh, what a relief… the little girls won’t be upset by their pretty pink plastic being maxed out. Maybe I’ll write to Mattel and suggest they make a sequel called “Maxed Out Barbie.” She can have a Coach purse full of all the best credit cards, Chanel sunglasses, and a brand-new car, complete with credit card bills, car payment invoices, maybe a home equity loan thrown in for good measure, a budget going into the red, and tissues to cry herself to sleep at night.

*NOTE: I would like to state, for the record, that I adore Coach bags, Chanel sunglasses, & new cars. I actually love them a little too much… I could have been the model for “Maxed Out Barbie” a few years ago (minus the huge boobs & tiny waist, of course).