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I was awakened this morning by the sound of Bobby yelping “SHIT!!” Uh-oh. Not good. Our toilet had apparently been running all night – the little chain thingy got stuck somehow – and the water didn’t drain fast enough, thus resulting in a lake of toilet water in the bathroom. And the bathroom floor is sloped (a discovery that we, again, only made this morning), so as the water poured out of the toilet, it ran in a river through the bathroom and into the air conditioning vent. When we plunged the toilet, in hopes of jarring something loose, water shot up out of the shower drain. Well now.

So after surveying the damage, I sat on the bed with my head buried in the sand – I mean, the covers – while Bobby scampered around trying to get ready for work. We both had to pee, but both toilets had the devil in the them. So I sat in a down-trodden state while Bobby went outside and peed on a tree. Good god.

After he left, I headed to Jen & Tom’s to use their bathroom – squatting in the yard didn’t appeal, for some reason – then headed back home to assess. Murphy (of Murphy’s Law, in case you’re not acquainted) really does live with us. Damn it. The red car is STILL in the shop, we’re STILL driving Bobby’s mom’s car, our bathroom is flooded and our drains are clogged. Literal drains. Proverbial drains. What a freaking mess.

After a few hours of sitting and watching and trying to cast Satan out of our toilet, the water slooooooowly seeped down to a respectable level, thus allowing me to flush successfully. Have a sneaky feeling that the “fix” is only temporary though. Our drainage has getting slower and slower, so we’re just going to have to suck it up (just a little plumbing joke… heehee) and call in a professional. And I’m sure they’ll do it for free because we’re such nice people. Um, yeah.