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Took a little blogging hiatus, although I was still writing away (as is evidenced by the three previous posts that I back-dated). I’ve been a busy bee for the last coupla days.

Let’s see, what have I been busy doing?

1. Painting like a fiend. We have another, small hallway that goes into our bedroom, and I liked the chocolate brown so much that I painted that one too.

And then I went to the fabric store and picked out 5 or so fabric swatches (have I mentioned my very ambitious goal of making my own bedding?), and then headed back to Home Depot to buy paint. Yet another very impulsive paint purchase. I ended up with Smokey Slate, a bluish-greenish-grayish color that’s soooooothing. I’m not done though… couldn’t move our bedroom entertainment center by myself, so the wall behind it is still white. And we have an alcove that our bed fits into – I know, it sounds weird. It is weird. – and I didn’t paint it. Thought that I might do it as an accent wall.

And the master bath is next… I’ve decided to paint the vanity and frame the mirrors. Craziness. Found this website that I’ve become addicted to – Rate My Space – and came across all sorts of good ideas about how to deal with the super-shiny brass fixtures.

2. WeightWatchers. Sunday was our first weigh-in day, and I lost 4.8 pounds!! Woohoo!! Bobby was cheating continually all week, and he still lost 2.6 – butthead. I haven’t actually set my ultimate goal – they encourage 10% first, then setting the long-term goal – but I think it’s going to be somewhere in the arena of 35 lbs. We’ll see… I just hope I can stick to it. Major life changes have a way of derailing me, so I’m trying to prepare myself for the inevitable. Having Bobby with me is really helping though – it’s motivation to fix tasty, WW-friendly meals and go to the meetings – I really, really want us to stay with it.

3. Getting a job. Still not happy about it, but I’m getting used to the idea of coming out of retirement. Have to admit that losing that 4.8 lbs sorta helped my outlook… it seems a little easier to get back out there and deal with stupid people (oops, sorry, that sounded a little bit antisocial) when I know that I’m working on myself. Not so trapped… dunno if that makes sense.

Oh, and by the way, thank you, Tuhina for the job contact info, and thank you, Melba, for the compliment. I love to write but I’ve honestly never thought about it as being “marketable”… at least, not the emo-psycho stuff I like to write :) But thank ya’ll both!

So, ok, I think that’s all I’ve been doing. As a general statement, I am feeling much better. Letting go of grudgy crap, getting through the week of Sept 17th, embracing my inner weight-watcher… I’ve been feeling much emotionally lighter this week. It feels nice.