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Yesterday, I was productive. I know… shocker. Took the Chins to Petsmart for grooming, which takes about 3 hrs, thus carving out the perfect amount of time to get crap done on that end of town.

Headed to Belk and returned the last of my maternity clothes…. was glad to get rid of that little reminder. Then went to Ross and exchanged a couple of things from my last shopping spree that didn’t quite work once I got them home. I added up the dollar amount of my exchange before going in, and then was brutal with myself… stuck to the exchange amount to the dollar. Ended up being within $3 of the original amount… woohoo.

Then went to Wood You, an unfinished furniture store to talk about my dining room chairs. See, I have these chairs. And they were an excellent deal, but they look like they’ve had a rough life. So I had the thought that I may want to have them refinished. After getting a quote, though, I decided that maybe I’d rather attempt it myself.

Thus, a DIY project is born. Went to my favorite furniture consignment store and asked the owner (who actually knows my name… I’m a frequent flyer, apparently) what she uses on her furniture before reselling it. She sold me a little bottle of Restor-A-Finish and sent me on my way. Then, Home Depot for chain pull extensions for the living room ceiling fan (enough of this climbing on the sofa) and then wandered through the paint dept and pondered colors for our bedroom until Petsmart called.

Yep, an unusually productive day.

And I’ve gone back to the WW Flex plan. The Core plan is a really great concept, but I think that it takes more self-awareness and self-discipline than I have. It’s all about “knowing your body” and “eating to satisfaction and not beyond”…. I may work up to it, but during these first few months, I want to have more structure. So the Points System it is.

Cooked WW meals for the last two nights…. Bobby and Sue are a little bit leery of my new-found creativity in the kitchen, but I’m pretty freakin’ excited with myself. Monday night we had lean teriyaki pork loins with fresh pineapple, spinach greens, and couscous. Couscous is a new thing for us – I’ve never eaten it, much less cooked it, but it was actually kinda good in an earthy, whole-wheaty kinda way. And then last night, we had turkey & mango picadillo with brown rice and roasted zucchini. The turkey & mango dish was a little odd, but I liked it and Sue and Bobby had seconds. Either they liked it or they were just really hungry… I’m gonna assume they liked it.

Tonight’s menu is corn & potato chowder with canadian bacon and greek salad. Yuuuuummm :)