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Bobby and I officially joined WeightWatchers yesterday. I feel really good about it… the Sunday afternoon meeting is small and lively, and the leader was minimally annoying (unlike some other WW leaders I’ve been privy to).

And the best part…. EPIPHANY! I realized that I’ve been avoiding WW like the plague because I’ve been thinking of it in terms of “all or nothing,” “black or white.” The last time I did it (successfully), I had nothing else to do. It was my main focus, my hugest goal, the biggest thing I had going on. And since then, I’ve had a reality check… well, that’s a gross understatement. Every time I thought of WW, I felt overwhelmed at the prospect of giving it ALL of my attention like I did last time. But yesterday, talking to the leader during the “Getting Started” session after the meeting, I realized that I’m not the same person and if I’m going to succeed this time, my approach HAS to be different. It was such a relief – like I was letting myself off the hook.

So starting today, I’m doing the Core plan. Didn’t even consider Core last time – it was too “strict.” But this time, when reading the Core food list, I realized that there aren’t that many foods that we would have to eliminate… we already do whole grains and lots of veggies. And it seems much more appealing than Flex this time simply because I don’t have to constantly count and look things up and nitpick everything to death.

So yay. Another thing off my list.

Oh, and on a random (creepy) note, someone broke into Sue’s car last night. They didn’t take anything – just made a mess. She filed a police report… turns out that there were approx 10 incidents last night along North Street, and Sue’s was minimal compared to what was done to other cars. The cop categorized it as “pilfering.” So that’s nice. The North Street Pilferer is on the loose.