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After two days of marinating in misery, I’ve actually done something today!! Sort of started on 4 of my 15 items, to be exact.

  • Called and made an appt with Lisa for some hair therapy tomorrow at 2:30pm. Scheduled a cut and color, so I can get rid of the last of my highlights.
  • Took my maternity clothes back and exchanged them for a basic work wardrobe that actually fits. I was ruthless… tried each thing on, and if it pulled or puckered or required me to suck in, I got a larger size, no matter how horribly large the size was. I figure that if I feel ok in them, I’m just going to try not to let that size number bother me. Not right now, at least. Can only deal with one fun thing at a time. Was the most extravagant shopping trip that I’ve done in years – 3 prs of pants, 3 skirts, 3 shirts, 2 sweaters, and a cute denim jacket. All for $120… Ross is the best :)
  • Made an appt with Jennifer for a sewing lesson tomorrow morning. Am going to make two pillows for the living room as my first project.
  • Downloaded an astrological gardening calendar for our planting/landscaping weekends. My grandparents, who have a burgeoning garden every year, swear by the moon phases…. so who am I to question? Figure it can’t hurt to give our yard all possible advantages. So our planting weekend is tentatively scheduled for Oct 11-12.
  • And this one wasn’t actually on my list, but we’ve been needing to knock it out… I booked our Christmas cabin for this year. We wanted to return to Black Bear Lodge, which is where we stayed last year, but it’s no longer being rented. So we went with a lovely home called Fern Valley that’s located near Ellijay, GA. I’m glad that we’ve decided to make this a new family tradition… Christmas without Mama will never be the same, so giving ourselves a different setting every year makes it easier, somehow….

So progress has been made. It’s amazing how much better I feel when I know that I’ve done something besides eat cupcakes and watch mindless tv.