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Today was the most disgusting day so far, physically. Cramping has reached a new level… will be so very glad to get the D&C over with on Friday. Exam and pre-op is tomorrow morning at 10:40… Bobby’s working from home again so that he can accompany me, for which I’m truly thankful. Didn’t accomplish any of my plans – I really wanted to, but felt nausea was lurking around every corner and didn’t think that vomiting on my potential employer would work in my favor. I did drag my butt out of bed to go to Dr Jerry’s… I was pretty hazy, so Bobby filled him in on the last week. He was duly impressed by the amount of disaster that we managed to pack into the last 7 days.

Tonight was Maggie D’s family birthday dinner… has to be the cutest little one-year-old I’ve ever laid eyeballs on. She got lots of fun Melissa & Doug toys – they’re great. All wooden, hand-crafted, and classic. And Jennifer made pink bedding for a little doll crib that was simply lovely… we’re trying to convince her to sell it on Etsy and make a zillion dollars.

A few months ago, Jennifer was cleaning in Townville, and discovered a beautiful little Madame Alexander doll still in the box. She instantly knew – we all knew – that Mama had bought it for Maggie and tucked it away, planning to save it for her first birthday but never got the chance. I knew that Maggie’s only baby doll from her Grandmama Denise would be display-only… So a few weeks ago, I found a lovely little doll on Amazon – thought that it could be Maggie’s doll to actually play with so we could save her doll from her Grandmama. There was an eerie feeling of deja vu when it arrived – I compared the two dolls, and realized that unintentionally, or maybe subconsciously, Mama and I had bought the same exact doll. Felt so close to Mama… realize that she really is living through us in so many little ways.

So tonight, Bobby and I gave Maggie the doll… I figured that she may still be a bit young for a doll to hold her attention, but to everyone’s surprise, she loved it instantly. There were smiles and tears… knowing that Mama was there for her Maggie’s first birthday, and that she was completely thrilled that Maggie loved her present….