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The yard sale is complete! YES! And we made money! YES! And my dining room has now been reclaimed! YES!

I’m so relieved that it’s over… we haven’t attempted such an event EVER, and I was a bit anxious. We set the tables up last night and covered them on the porch, but all night, I was listening for some indication of someone lurking about and stealing our crap. But all was safe this morning, and we had customers before 7am, which is just insanity. But we made $700!! Is it tacky to tell that? I hope not… I’m just so excited!!

I meant to take a picture of my little front yard converted into a consignment store, but never did. Wish I had… we discovered a bit of a fire ant problem this morning (Sue, Jen & I all have swollen, blistering welts covering our feet), so we sprayed, put giant orange cones over the two largest ant hills, with signs (compliments of Tom) reading “Be Careful of Fire Ants!” with a giant sad face. All day, we were watching for people doing the fire ant dance, and we would rush over with Raid Ant Killer and an abject apology. They have the devil in them (the fire ants, not the people). No doubt about it.

After we broke everything down and hauled the left-overs off to Goodwill, Jennifer, Sue & I headed to Hancock Fabrics for my first sewing shopping trip. My first project is new pillows for our living room sofa. Jennifer & Sue are both making dresses. As we were checking out, we started laughing at our three fabric selections sitting side by side. There was Jennifer’s chocolate and powder blue with white polka dots, my cranberry and gold tapestry, and Sue’s sharp, swirling abstract. Soccer mom meets Southern Living meets Vogue. Typical.

And now I sit, freshly showered and in my pj’s, ready to watch my Clemson Tigers debut in 34 minutes. Every year I say it, but I’m saying it again…. This really COULD be their year!! College football…. isn’t it the greatest?!?