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I want a bassinet. I know it’s not practical, I know it will only be used for a few months, but I want one. They’re so classic and traditional… like the bed version of a pram. I remember peeking over the side of ours at new-born Jennifer during the first few days after she arrived… it was white, wicker, and perfect. And now, unfortunately, it’s dry-rotted.

So I found one for $55, which isn’t that much if I buy it out of my personal spending money (we’re back on the Dave Ramsey bandwagon, and the envelope system is going strong)… And then maybe I could MAKE the bedding! I know, I’m getting really ambitious with this while sewing thing, but it couldn’t be that hard. I would probably price the fabrics first though, and decide if it would just be less expensive to buy it. I know that’s not the case with crib bedding, but bassinet bedding is more reasonable.

Just read Bri’s blog… she’s begun the Great Baby Research as well. It really is addictive…. like registering for your wedding, except more fun in my opinion. Registering for our wedding was just another thing to check off the list – it fell far below things like the dress and the food. But with the baby stuff, you know you’re choosing things that are actually necessities for this tiny being that you’re totally responsible for, instead of the beautiful but impractical wedding china and flatware that you pack away and only use twice a year. I’ve read tons of reviews on the Babies-R-Us and Amazon websites, but it’s comforting to hear the opinions of the ones you actually “know” (virtually or in real life)… So all you baby-researchers out there, please keep sharing!

And Ms Linda gave me her sewing machine today. Woohoo! It’s a relic, but it’ll be perfect for a beginner who hasn’t even actually begun yet. I purchased a user manual online and spent a little while going through all the parts and cleaning everything. One step closer to my crib bedding goal :)