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Thank you all for your sweet comments and virtual feelings…. every time someone tells me that they have a “good feeling” about this pregnancy, it warms my heart :)

Today’s been a day of hurry-up-and-wait. Waiting to fall asleep last night. Waiting for Jennifer to pick me up to go to Townville. Waiting for Daddy to return home from his errands. Waiting, waiting, waiting. Argh. But what I’m really waiting for is the doctor appt on Monday. It’s in the back of my mind with everything I do… just waiting. And yet I know that it’s going to be too early to really even see anything. Five weeks, four days – too early to see anything at all.

Jennifer and I did another corner of the attic today… apparently, Mama had designated it as the “book corner.” Tons and tons of books – all with their own memories. We couldn’t put any of them in the yard sale pile – just couldn’t. Mama loved reading, and one of our favorite childhood memories is of going to the library once a week and picking out a new stack of books. Found Richard Scary’s Storybook, with my grandmother’s handwriting inside the front cover reading “To Sarah, the newest, smallest member of the Weathers family. March 1978.” Funny, I read that book from cover to cover as a little girl, but I never noticed the inscription until today. Jennifer and I were rolling with laughter when we came across a very old fairytale book inscribed with my wobbly, beginner handwriting, stating “This book belongs to Sarah Frances Weathers. My sister is Jennifer.” Yes, I was quite the proud big sister :) And there were tons of Trixie Belden, Nancy Drew, Sweet Valley Twins, Boxcar Children… all those classics that hopefully our little girls will want to read one day… so MANY books!

Sue and Bobby forced me to watch the opening ceremony of the Olympics tonight. I’ll admit, it was kinda cool once I actually committed for a few minutes… but I wouldn’t have done it voluntarily. For some reason (I feel like I’m the only one), I just don’t care a smidge about the Olympics. I don’t NOT like them…. I just don’t care about them one way or the other. Sue thinks I’m anti-American and is ready to revoke my citizenship. But I could compare it to watching golf on tv – bores me to tears. Now college football, on the other hand…. love me some college football. Which, by the way, is coming right up. Woohoo!! This has been a really disjointed paragraph. Sorry.

Bobby and I had a funny story yesterday. Well, some people may not think it’s funny… I haven’t shared because I was afraid that we would be judged for our ridiculous level of cheapness. But whatever – we’re cheap, why hide it? We bought a crib from a yard sale for $25. Yep, 25 smackeroos. It’s a lovely little Jenny Lind, which is what I’ve always been drawn to (with the exception of my brief and misguided foray into outlandishly expensive iron cribs)… I love the spindles and the vintage look of the Jenny Lind, and the fact that the style hasn’t changed in the last 100 years or so. I’m adding a stock pic for those who are curious as to exactly what a Jenny Lind crib might be…

The price was $25. We only had $20 in cash. We tried to haggle with the lady, but she was having none of it…. it was $25 or nothing. So we told her to hold on a sec, and got in the car, giggling madly. Dug through all the pockets of both of our wallets, the glove compartment, the change holder, under the seats like little urchins, scrambling for any misplaced dollars or change that might be tucked away. And then we paid $25 – $20 in cash, $5 in change. Yes, we did. We put the crib in our little Honda, and drove away… laughed hysterically all the way back to Anderson. So that has now been added to our project list – reinforcing, painting, assembling our yard sale crib for our little one. I feel a little guilty only spending $25 on the crib – I mean, is our baby not worth it?!? But it was just too funny to pass up… even if we don’t use it, we won’t lose anything… See? Told you Bobby and I have reached a new level of cheapo… or shall we say, thriftiness! :)

And for those of you who are worried that my thriftiness will result in a compromise in safety, please feel reassured that I’m taking my crib safety regulations very seriously… this website is good stuff when it comes to using a used crib.

One more random thought. I want to castrate John Edwards for cheating on his wife. This is probably my favorite quote of the entire New York Times article:

Asked how he could have cheated on his wife, Mr. Edwards noted that his wife’s cancer was in remission during the affair.

Oh, well why didn’t you say so, Johnny-Boy? Your wife had fought off one bout of breast cancer, so by all means, you and your penis should feel free to roam about. Please don’t consider her cancer as a wake-up call, or a reason to not take her and your family for granted. Her remission – which is now OVER, by the way, the breast cancer returned in March 2007 – should definitely be used as an opportunity to seek gratification from another woman. Lovely. Grrrr. I seriously feel a very personal, perhaps irrational, anger at him right now. Lorena Bobbitt, I hear ya!