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My brain has been dormant this weekend. Just kinda lazily spinning in a place, not really going anywhere, but ok with the lack of mental activity. Have been very physically tired – feel guilty for not going anywhere or doing anything, but the couch is just so comfortable…

Made it through the weekend without any happenings in the pregnancy dept. I over-analyze every twinge and ache… am completely paranoid. I wonder if the fear every leaves? I imagine that mine will lessen (if everything goes well), but I don’t think it’ll completely leave, ever. Even after the baby is here, I imagine myself freaking out about SIDS, about all the mishaps that can befall a child. That’s why I chose an obscenely expensive baby monitor – the idea of being able to watch and listen to my baby breathing is just too tempting to pass up.

This is completely unrelated to anything, but we had a mouse in the kitchen. I HATE mice. Not as much as I hate cockroaches, but still a definitely a feeling of loathing. And for some reason, he thought that it would be a great idea to jump into the flatware and utensil drawers and crap all over everything. Oh, and he helped himself to some peanut-butter and cheese crackers. And my favorite, he gnawed the rubber coating off Maggie’s baby spoons… What the hell?!? WHY would he do that? I don’t get it.

So I set a glue track with peanut-butter (which he obviously prefers) and Sat morning, we had a winner. It was a wretched experience – for me, for Sue, and especially for the unfortunate rodent that occupied the glue trap. I solemnly vow that I will never use glue traps again. Bobby was in Charleston visiting his sister, so it was just me and Sue left to deal with this pitiful, shrieking animal that I no longer felt angry with. Sue and I gagged and made bad jokes about the “screaming of the mouse” (hello, Clarice). I won’t go into all the gory details, but trust me, it was horrid. Turns out that glue traps are illegal in some other countries – they’re inhumane. PETA, I’ve learned my lesson – an accusatory comment won’t be necessary.

Oh, and one more random note. Once you get past the cheesy celebrity appearances, Proactiv really does work. Not even kidding. My face has been plowed since Mama died – combination of stress, getting older, eating crap, hormones… oh, the list could go on and on. So I ordered Proactiv in “the next four minutes” (don’t understand why they say that in every single one of the zillion commercials per day)… and Jennifer Love Hewitt and Jessica Simpson are right! It really does work. Oh, but they don’t mention one little thing on the commercials – the cleanser and lotion will bleach fabric. Just ask my formerly lovely khaki towels.

And we watched a movie this weekend that passed the “are you still thinking about it the next morning?” test. An independent film called “In The Bedroom,” it was compelling, fascinating, well-done. Was an achingly accurate portrayal of the chasm of grief that a family falls into after a death… Definitely not a feel-good film, but I would recommend.

So ok. That’s all the events of this weekend…. we’re a happenin’ bunch, huh? It was actually kind of nice to just sit and marinate for a few days. Quiet weekends – I like :)