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As I began this post, Oscar attempted to leap onto the bed and didn’t make it… landed with a solid thud back on the floor. Was so loud that Sue came running from the other side of the house to see if I had fallen… I confess, I laughed. He used to jump up here with no problem at all, but his extra weight has seemingly grounded him. The weight-control dog food hasn’t had the desired effect just yet, although I’m still hoping…

You know those days where you do absolutely, positively NOTHING? That was me today. I fully intended to be productive, but I just couldn’t seem to get myself in gear. Baby-crazy imps overtook my body, and I spent the entire day researching safety & parent ratings on car seats, strollers, monitors, high chairs, bath tubs… I started and just couldn’t stop. I thrive on the analytic hunt for the perfect balance of quality and price anyway – have researched everything from vacuums to sprinkler hoses. So my obsession today wasn’t really that much of a deviation from the norm, except in subject matter. I still have the voice in the back of my mind telling me not to get too invested, but I figure that Bobby and I are going to have kids, whether it’s now, or next year, or in five years, and they’re gonna need a stroller and car seat, dang it. So for now, I’m the self-ordained guru of baby gear. :)

And I even took it one step further. I started to do a spreadsheet on all my findings (yes, I do get quite a thrill out of Excel), but instead, I created A REGISTRY. Yikes. Talk about tempting the fertility gods. It was just so fun though…. and once I started, it was like crack (or at least how I imagine crack would be) and I was in a feverish zone until I finished. So screw caution… I had a blast today!!

Oh, and other random notes. I made my first attempt at homemade pickles… just refrigerator pickles, not the “real” canned ones that my Grandma does. Not sure how well they’re going to turn out… the mere fumes from the brine literally made me choke, so I’m not sure that eating cucumbers after they marinate in that for a week is a good idea?

And this evening, Sue and I had spinach/tomato/mushroom calzones delivered and watched a large chunk of “Sex & the City,” Season One. Love, love, love that show. Can’t watch it on TBS because they cut out all the crude humor, language, and nudity… so basically, every scene with Samantha. Fortunately Sue and I were able to revel in unedited smut to our little hearts’ content tonight, thanks to Bobby, who bestowed the entire series on me for my birthday a few years back. Good stuff :)