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I headed out to the garden today…. 5 HOURS LATER, the garden and my demeanor are greatly improved. There’s just something satisfying about ripping weeds out of the ground.


My garden is trying to take over the world.


Yes, I know the vines are looking a little scraggly… I’ve got the soaker hose on now to give them a little drinky-drink.

And here are some things that were spotted along the way…

Baby Watermelon has an Identity Crisis:

Puh-leeeeease let me be a tomato! I promise I can be a tomato… I don’t WANNA be a watermelon!

The Weeds That Were:

Oscar guards the gigantic pile of weed debris that were ruthlessly ripped from the dirt.

The Spoils:

Happy little tomatoes and the trusty gardening weapons…. I mean, tools.