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Tonight, Jennifer, Sue, Maggie and I went into downtown Anderson for an ice cream treat. I love downtown Anderson. Have I mentioned that I love downtown Anderson? It becomes a little more picturesque every day, it seems.

We went to The KooKoo Ice Cream Depot, which, interestingly enough, is owned by the plant manager of S-D, my place of former employment. I feel quite attached to the little ice cream sundae glasses… every time I go, I vow to buy some one of these days. Ice cream just tastes better out of those glasses, I think…

1) Little ice cream shop
2) Maggie’s first bite of butter pecan ice cream
3) Jen & Sue during a rare moment of (affected) sisterly affection
4) Maggie staring unabashedly at a young couple. She stared and stared with all of her concentration. I’m not sure why – they seemed fairly unremarkable… But then she cried when they left. She obviously felt very attached.

And the street lamps… Aren’t they charming?

Jennifer was quite offended by the fact that this gentleman (pictured on the right) had been moved. He’s supposed to be checking his pocket watch against the courthouse clock tower. However, after his recent relocation a few feet down the sidewalk, he’s now comparing his watch to the First Citizens building.

I was more concerned with not stepping on the sidewalk chalk art by a little artist named Sally.