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Exciting news for the Maggie fans out there… she’s doing this whole pull-up-on-furniture-precursor-to-walking thing now!! Here it is, documented and brought to you via pictures. Lots & lots o’ pictures :)

The Maggie Stands:

1) Contemplating my next move… think, think, think. Oh bother.
2) Oh, it’s so hard lifting my 17.2 lbs. Really need to work on my upper-body strength.
Yeah, look at me, just hanging out up here… just standin’ like a big girl.
4) Ok, so now I’m up here, what do I do? Yum, this leather sofa is one tasty treat!

The Maggie Getaway:

1) Just hangin’ out with my daddy. I like him, I do.
Ok, Daddy, what about that bottle? Don’t you think it’s time to go?!?
Fine, if you’re not leaving, then I will.

1) Crawling with both knees is so over-rated. I mean, look at me… I’m doing just fine.
Yeah, almost there. Bottle, here I come!!
Agh, thwarted by Daddy! And I was SO CLOSE!!

1) Aunt Sarah, please, I’m begging you. Talk to Daddy about that bottle. I don’t really ask that for much – just an occasional diaper change and a bottle every now and then. And yet, it seems to be too much for my parents to….
…. oh, hi there, Coby. I like those crimped ears. I think my hair’s long enough, and that look would be fabulous with my favorite pink onesie. Maybe I could borrow your crimper sometime?
You know what, Cobe? Never mind, forget it. My interest in hair fashion is no match for my devotion to my bottle. I’m outta here!!